Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting back into our routines

Our trip was fantastic but I am happy to be home. Happy to be back with Streak, who made it through our absence without incident:

Dana has been spending her evenings just watching Streak sleep - it was the longest they've been apart since she was in college (Dana, not Streak).

We've been able to stock up on veggies at the farmers market:

And we've been able to start to cook our old favorites like shrimp with red cabbage and sweet potatoes:

Or tofu with baby broccoli and lentils:

Now that we're back our habits have changed slightly. Less TV, and I'm planning on taking up some new outdoor hobbies. Next weekend I'm going to build a 'Square Foot Garden', I already have the supplies:

I'll be sure to detail the build process here :).

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