Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tonight's Bread : Wheat Ciabatta

Transitional Wheat Ciabatta

Continuing my bread baking posts from my old defunct blog, today I made a half wheat, half white flour ciabatta from one of my new bread baking books, Whole Grain Breads, by Peter Reinhart (thank you Peter (Graham - not Reinhart - he gave me the book for XMas)!). Since getting this book I have made four wheat breads. This is the first one that is a 'transitional' bread, i.e. it has half white flour which is suppose to make it easier for people used to white flour breads to eat. I made a transitional bread this time just because I didn't have enough wheat flour for the full wheat recipe. All the breads from this book have come out well, and I like his 'delayed fermentation' method since it allows me to make the starters the night before and then bake the bread the next day - an easier schedule then some other bread books.

Dana and I enjoyed it with our Trader Joe's turkey chili - a simple but yummy dinner!

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