Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cinnamon Buns

This weekend's baking adventure started last night, with the first steps for homemade cinnamon buns. We created the dough and rolled it out into a 12x14 inch rectangle. Then we sprinkled cinnamon sugar over the top, and then rolled the dough up to make a long cylinder. After that, we cut the cylinder into twelve equal pieces - each like a pinwheel of dough and cinnamon sugar.

This morning at 6:00am, I woke up to take the formed buns out of the refrigerator. I went back to sleep for a few hours after that. Then at 10:00am, we put the buns in the oven. Here is the result 30 minutes later (with yogurt and fruit salad in the background):

Dylan made the fondant (A sweet, creamy, sugar paste used in candies and icings), and here I am drizzling it over the warm cinnamon buns:

Hilary, Dave, Rosemary and Gabriel came over at 11:00 to sample our baking. Gabriel is too young to eat cinnamon buns, but here we have Dave, Rosemary and Gabriel - two out of three blissfully enjoying their sugar-high:

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