Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fruits of our Yard

This morning we ate our first bananas from the banana tree in our yard. The tree has had bunches of green bananas on it since we moved in at the end of June, but they were nowhere near ripe enough until recently. Unfortunately the fruit from the tree hangs mostly into our back neighbor's yard, but fortunately the back neighbors are really cool and have always offered to send us over a bunch once the fruit was ready. Today was the day! Back neighbor Scotty hacked a bunch of bananas off and sent them over the fence - and one of them was yellow, soft and ready to be sampled. Here is the bunch:

It's a little hard to tell from this picture, but the bananas are small, only about 4-5 inches long. They are pretty good! Here I am peeling one of them:

A little later in the day we bought a fig tree to plant in our yard. We were inspired by the delicious figs that Michael Brown harvests from his yard and graces us with every now and then. The trick was finding the sunniest spot for it since a fig tree prefers as much sun as possible. We settled on a spot in the corner of the front yard, dug a big hole, roughed up the root ball a bit and then planted it. The tree is the Black Mission variety, and it fruits from May - October. We are at the tail end of the season this year, but the tree should be settled enough by next year to produce a nice crop.

Next, Dylan reseeded some spots in the front yard and the entire back yard. We are trying to fill in the spots that didn't grow grass earlier this summer:

I inspected the passion fruit vine for new fruit and flowers. The fruit is taking a long time to ripen, but we are in for a treat once it does:

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