Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dinner: Steaks, Sweet Potato Fries, Collard Greens

So we read in one of our pregnancy books that in the last few months it is good to get some cholesterol in your diet - I don't remember why exactly but I didn't press it. Trying to meet that goal we decided to have some steaks. This was also to be our return to grilling outside since our propane had been out for a few months and we actually motivated to get it filled - more on that to come however...

I made some sweet potato fries - we've been having this quite a bit recently. This time I think I made too many and they didn't get as crispy as normal :(.

We also had some collard greens from the farmers market:

The steaks had been marinating in olive oil and seasonings overnight:

The plan was to throw them on the grill outside. HOWEVER, after I started the grill I discovered that even tho the propane tank was now full, the flame was very weak and tiny. I think something is screwed up with our grill, probably due to the fact that I never cover it after using it and it had been exposed to the elements for a few years now. Anyways, we had to abort on the outside grill and come up with a new plan. I decided to try to sear them a little on the stove-top in butter and then bake them in the oven to finish them off:

It worked out pretty well - the steak was tender and well-cooked.

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