Saturday, July 5, 2008

Garage Clean-out & Flower Boxes

After our long walk and stop at Bird Rock Coffee this morning, we set up our garage and put some of the least-used things in the attic. After sending a round of stuff up to the attic, we were able to fit a large red desk, lamp and chair in the corner of the garage. This means that we can now work on projects out there! I can be the artist and Dylan the mad scientist that we've each always dreamed of :-)

In the early afternoon, we did our first bit of gardening at the new house. A trip to Green Gardens on Cass St. led us to pick out 12 pots of African Daisies in white, yellow and royal purple:

Dylan pulled out the dead begonias from the last tenants, and also got rid of some of the dead soil, mixing in new potting soil and organic compost:

Streak then came outside briefly to do a bit of sniffing around:

About 30 minutes later we finished up, and gave them a good watering. They look nice:

And I was able to create a fun new hairdo for the BBQ at the Wildrick's this afternoon:

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