Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coromandel Town and Fletcher's Bay

We drove to the local bakery in Coromandel Town first thing today to get a loaf of bread for our breakfast. The multi-grain bread was fresh out of the oven and still a little bit warm - perfect for our scrambled egg, tomaaahhto, and onion open-faced sandwiches that we prepared in our kitchen. Here is a pic of one of my new favorite fruits, tamarillo:

After a leisurely morning, we decided to drive up to the top of the peninsula to a place called Fletcher's Bay. It's the start of a 6-hour round trip coastal hike that we would have done if the weather was better. We had heavy rain last night, with some ominous clouds out at sea this morning and a few sprinkles. This weather combo was great for beach combing and picture taking, but a little risky for a long hike, especially since the road up to Fletcher's Bay included unsealed, muddy roads and a few water crossings in the car (Dylan did that part of the drive, thank goodness!) The last stop before the unsealed road was Colville General Store where purchased a bottle of water:

This area at the top of the peninsula is wild, very green and blue, and drop-dead gorgeous. We arrived at Fletcher's Bay, an isolated, rocky beach, as far north as you can go. The storm off shore had intensified, though we had glints of sun close to shore, which made for some great photo opportunities. Dylan also found a bunch of nice shells which he presented me with:

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