Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Doubtful Sound

We got picked up at the Dairy at 8:20 am yesterday morning. After a quick transfer to a coach, we started on the 2 and a half hour ride to Lake Manapouri. Along the way we saw our first example of a herd of sheep crossing the road (but not our first example of sheep - they are everywhere here).

Once we arrived, we transferred to a ferry which transported us across Lake Manapouri. As I know you are all missing seeing our meals, here is a quick pic of the pre-made box lunch we got for the journey:

After crossing Lake Manapouri, we waited briefly in a cultural center that seemed to have been built by the New Zealand electrical company, Meriden, as part of the construction of a hydro-electric power plant in that area. From there it was just another quick coach ride over Wilmot Pass:

and down into Doubtful Sound (the beginning of which is pictured above).

There we boarded the Navigator for our overnight cruise. It was a great trip, full of scenic views, dolphins and other wildlife, and lots of tea and coffee. Our room onboard had a double bed and two windows out into the fiord, plus bathroom with shower.

Some of the views:

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