Saturday, March 8, 2008

Potato Rosemary Wheat

This week was Potato Rosemary Wheat bread, mainly because we cooked potatoes earlier in the week. For this bread you use the water the potatoes cooked in since it is more starchy I suppose.

I was able to use fresh rosemary from our neighbor's herb garden, which is always nice.

It also has a mashed up cooked potato, garlic (was supposed to be roasted but I didn't realize that until I was ready to put it in so it was raw :)), pepper and honey.

It was a very flavorful bread and we had no problem eating it all in 3-4 days. Definitely something I will make again.

Here is a detail shot of the crumb.

Today I'm starting wheat bagels, and also the starter for a sourdough bread. The sourdough start will take 7-14 days (!!!) so hopefully it will be ready next weekend.

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