Monday, August 11, 2008

Croissants + Dinner : Salad & Sausage

Yesterday morning we woke up early and spent 6 hours baking croissants, which unfortunately did not turn out very well. Everything went according to plan until we popped them in the oven. For some reason the bottoms burned very quickly, while the tops remained uncooked (this might have something to do with our new oven). Also, the texture was off - the croissants turned out thick and doughy instead of light and flaky. We followed the recipe very carefully, so I'm not sure where things went wrong, but at least we had fun! Here is a picture of me folding the dough around 1 cup of butter before rolling it out again. No pics of the final product, unfortunately.

Because of the baking session, we missed the farmer's market. So in the afternoon we bought a bunch of great produce at the OB People's Market, a co-op just a few beach towns south of us. Last night we made a big salad with all the stuff we got - lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, red onion, avocado, and basil from our garden. I made a mustard / red wine vinaigrette to toss it with.

Meanwhile Dylan grilled some mixed herb sausages from our new local butcher shop, Home Grown Meats. These were little mini-links with lots of herbs inside, made from grass-fed beef. When they were done, we sliced them lengthwise and put them on buns that had been toasted and brushed with olive oil and garlic, to make sandwiches.

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