Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Hobby : Out with the cube, in with the needles

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog, but just before we went to New Zealand I bought a Rubik's Cube for passing time on the long plane ride. After New Zealand, I kept playing around with it on my daily bus commute, reading up on the internet about ways to solve it. After a while I got to the point that using the "beginner's method" I could solve it pretty consistently in about three minutes. With a some more practice (and a greased cube), I got a little faster:

Recently I have started to get bored of it and to look for other things to pass the time on my commute. Reading is a great option, but you need a back-up if you're not in a reading mood (or if you've finished all the books you have at the moment - which happens quite a bit when you have an hour and a half to read every day!).

Anyways, I decided I would try knitting. Dana has a book about it, so we went to the arts and crafts store and I picked up some yard and 10 inch needles (Thanks MH for the recommendations) and Dana picked up some supplies for water-colors (hopefully there will be another post about that shortly).

Today on the bus I got to try it out - here is the result:

As you can see, I am getting the hang of the 'knit', but trying to 'purl' a few times really confused me. I think there are some YouTube videos that might help with that. I'll keep you all posted.


Andy said...

Before I read the "[t]oday on the bus" line in this post, I envisioned you speeding down the highway, solving a cube or knitting. Reminded me of this awesome/terrifying picture.

Chelsea said...

Dylan, that's way cool! Anthony just told me about this--somehow I missed this post. I've never seen a Rubik's cube move that fast--kind of icky but cool with the grease. And it's so impressive how fast you are! Good luck with the knitting, and your comment about the book reminds me to order that book for you. Do you want more? Let me know what kind of stuff you're liking these days and I'll look for it on the free bookshelves. I could bring a bunch of stuff to Seattle.