Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nathaniel-Lou's Wedding

We just got back from Nate and Anne's wedding in Monterey. Nate is one of my old college roommates (actually one of a group of nine). This weekend was the first time since graduation that we had all gotten back together, so everyone was ready for a crazy-fun time. We got into Monterey on Friday but didn't see everyone until the ceremony, which was at the Naval Postgraduate School.

The ceremony was nice - short with some funny parts. Here is Nate and his mother making their entrance:

And Anne and her father:

So romantic:

After the ceremony everyone got to catch up. Here's Travis and Karen:

Dan and Jamima:

Grantland and Shirley surprised us by being there:

Here's a shot of all of us holding Anne up on the dance floor:

From left to right, we have Dylan (me), Travis, Scott, Nate, Kevin, Hugh, Andy, Andres, and Dan.

Good times.

Streak was a little irritated with us when we got home, but she mellowed out quickly:

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