Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Something New for Dinner

Last weekend we were feeling adventurous during our shopping trip, and bought some ostrich patties at Whole Foods. They came from a farm in Massachusetts that specializes in ostrich. Ostrich meat is leaner than beef and chicken, but "packed with hearty flavor" as the packaging read. Dylan grilled them outside just like burgers, while I cooked baby bok choy with garlic inside. We then added some of the bbq pinquito beans (I made a big batch on Sunday) that we need to plow through before Friday. I think I liked the ostrich better than Dylan - it has a very unique flavor.


Shirley said...

Your breads look sooo delicious. :) Dylan will you come to SF and teach Grantland how to make some for me?
- Shirley (Grantland told me about your site today)

PS You guys have the cutest site ever.

Emily said...

I'm not sure if you liked the ostrich enough to make it again, but if you're interested in other cuts, you can buy tenderloin and fillets at http://marxfoods.com. I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's delicious!