Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tongue Out

This morning Streak came in our room and woke us up by jumping up on the bed. This is a rare occurrence, but we did sleep later than usual since both of us have been sick with colds. If one of us doesn't show up in the main room by about 7:30am, I think Streak feels that it's her duty to come in and check on things. Here's the weird part: after she jumped up, she stuck her tongue out and kept it that way for 10 minutes. It was very funny looking, and Dylan was even able to grab a camera and record it. After 5 minutes, we started to wonder if something was wrong with her, so googled the condition ("cat tongue stuck out") on the laptop and found all kinds of scary explanations as to why your cat might be doing this. Eventually she pulled the tongue back in her mouth, and life went on as usual.

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